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Rangle the School Chaos

Well as much as we may want the summer to continue, for most of us, school is lurking around the corner and getting ready to stare us down in the face. So this year let's make it a goal to tackle it with grace and preparedness. No matter the form of school, homeschool, public, private, online...there are things we all need and want to accomplish that can and will help us feel like, "we got this, this year!" 

A few weeks before start date:

  • Tackle the dreaded school supply lists

    • Check what inventory you may have in the house

    • bulk like items together to save money

    • check the sales ads

    • AMAZON PRIME it!

    • Shop, organize and label

    • Give them a home till needed

  • Start working on your planning and add in school calendar items

  • Implement your evening routine

    • after dinner activities

    • next day prep

    • bedtimes

  • Close out any summer activities

    • Reading logs/goals

    • Bucket lists

    • Projects

  • Kid's closets

    • What fits still/what doesn't

    • Make a list of needs

    • Shopping plan

The week before (yes, it really is almost here)

  • Reconnect with friends

  • Carpool set up

  • Make a homework station/area

    • Supplies handy

    • quiet space

    • flat surfaces

  • Mudroom/Out the door prep area

    • Give them a place to have their stuff ready

    • get sports gear gathered together and in bags/bins

  • Get yourself organized.

    • Create a binder or folder for all of the paper work that will come home and a file for forms to fill out and complete.

    • Make sure information like Drs., emergency contacts and such is easily accessible

  • Chores

    • Make this year's list

    • Assign out tasks and have kids start implementing into the day's routine

    • Make the list visible for them

    • Talk about importance, show them how you want it done, reward discussion (have them involved and they will own it)

  • School visits, prep walks to bus, or homeschool schedule walk through

  • Lunches

    • Make a list of ideas (kids will love helping with this)

    • Shopping list

    • Supplies

    • Make a plan

  • Breakfast

    • Make a list of ideas (get the kids involved)

    • Shopping list

    • Supplies

    • Make a plan

  • Daily routine

    • write out a basic daily routine

    • start getting into the swing of it

    • practice and work out kinks

    • give yourself some grace

    • don't forget to incorporate dinner prep

    • get the kids on this even if during school time they play, they should be waking up and going to bed at the correctly needed school week times and incorporate the routines you've already set

The day before (tears start falling now)

  • Do you document with photos? Print out cutie signs and make sure camera is charged

  • Have a "summer review" talk with the kids and document their answers

  • Set some broad goals with them

  • Special end of summer dinner

  • Go to bed on time!!!!! That means you MOM!

The First DAY!!!!!

  • Wake up early, drink your coffee and have a few moments of silence (believe me you will need this)

  • Wake the kids a tad earlier than scheduled - they are going to need it too

  • Have a great breakfast together, the idea here is to not feel RUSHED

  • Do your morning ROUTINE!

  • Take your pictures (leave time for this since they may not cooperate and you may be crying)

  • Set out for school day, talk about their goal for the day. Let them set this, they will take more ownership in it.

After School

  • Have a special ALL survived!

  • At dinner time is a great time and place to talk about their goal they set in the morning and how they did with it.

  • Keep at the evening Routine, start this school year out with a bang!

BEDTIME!!!!!! For the kids

MOM, celebrate in some way. Tea time, coffee, book, craft, tv, bubble something or ALL of the above to reward yourself. Then get to BED cause you have to do it all again tomorrow!

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