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Everything in a B.o.P. System - Cleaning/Chores Routine (TN - No. 5 - B6)

Everything in a B.o.P. System - Cleaning/Chores Routine (TN - No. 5 - B6)


Size: TN - No. 5 - B6

Our Everything In A Week System© is an exclusive Better over Perfect proven tool designed to help you stay on task, see your months, weeks and days clearly, and help bring planning peace. The concept behind this planner line is to have everything you need for right at your fingertips, with science and practical application to back it up.

Everything in a B.o.P. System - Cleaning/Chores Routine includes:

  • Daily Task Tracking

  • Weekly Category/Zone

  • Multiple uses - one insert

  • Cleaning/Chores/Habits

  • and more!

This Insert contains multiple pages of the cleaning routine.

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