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Shipping Information

All merchandise is shipped directly to you from our exclusive manufacture. Processing is 2-3 days and will ship immediately following. Shipping is typically 3-5 days depending on your shipping zone. When your order ships you will receive an email with your personal tracking link and information.


 Returns & Exchanges

 If there is an issue with any product you receive, digital or physical, please email us at and our amazing CREW will answer your email within 48 hours during the typical work week. We do not ask our amazing CREW to volunteer their time on the weekends or evenings. Please keep this in mind and extend kindness in your communications. Thank you ~Erika Hull, Owner and Founder.

Better over Perfect TOU

Licensing (TOU)

At Better over Perfect I currently only issue Personal Use License (which is for, well, personal use!). While I am a rebel against the tradition of making people feel like criminals for wanting to download and create, there is a need to make sure intellectual property is respected.

Personal Use License

This license is intended for personal use that does not generate income, and is not related to your profession, side business or monetized hobby.

Please Do:

  • Use the item however you want for personal use (personal craft projects, etc.).

  • Attribution is required when posting on any social media platform. IG tag: @planning.for.better and @better.over.perfect, Facebook and most other platforms where a website is allowed please use

Please Do Not:

  • Use the item for commercial purposes (anything where you make money, or related to your profession).

  • Distribute the item directly to others (refer them to the website subscription page instead).

  • Sell or distribute any digital files that you make with the item (though it is fine to post/display the craft projects you have made!).